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Event Date:  March 26, 2020

Event Hashtag:  #DFW2020

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Instagram:   @ncwcalumni 

Sample posts on or before March 26th

  • North Carolina Wesleyan College’s Giving Day is coming … Join me and support NCWC on or before Thursday, March 26th!  #DFW2020 www.dayforwesleyan.com
  • On March 26th I plan to support NC Wesleyan College because _________________. Please join me and make your gift at www.dayforwesleyan.com. #DFW2020
  • The goal for A Day for Wesleyan on 3.26.2020 is 650 donors in 24 hours – become one here: www.dayforwesleyan.com. #DFW2020
  • No matter where you give, or how much you give on A Day for Wesleyan, you’re making a difference to current and future students.  www.dayforwesleyan.com  #DFW2020

Sample post on March 26th - A Day for Wesleyan

  • Help NCWC reach 650 donors in 24 hours!  Make a gift to #DFW2020 now. www.dayforwesleyan.com
  • I gave to Wesleyan because without the generous gifts of donors while I was in college, I wouldn’t have completed my degree. Thank you, Wesleyan, and to all the donors who helped me get to where I am today. Please consider giving to Wesleyan TODAY and help other students achieve their goals at www.dayforwesleyan.com. #DFW2020
  • I am proud to be a BISHOP, so TODAY I choose to support Wesleyan in their #DFW2020 campaign! Alumni and friends … join me in supporting Wesleyan by giving at www.dayforwesleyan.com or by calling 252.985.5266.
  • Without the help of donors at NC Wesleyan, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend college.  TODAY is A Day for Wesleyan and I hope my donation can help the next generation of Bishops. Learn more and help pay it forward.  Visit www.dayforwesleyan.com   #DFW2020
  • #DFW2020 is here!  Make your gift TODAY at www.dayforwesleyan.com – I just did!
  • No matter how much you give on A Day for Wesleyan, your participation is what matters! All gifts add up to make an impact on the students.  www.dayforwesleyan.com  #DFW2020